Cobo Vault Review

This Cobo Vault Review is a Hardware Wallet designed for mobile phones. It can be used to store many cryptos and manage them through the device or Android and iOS devices. Cobo Vault is available on three models designed for long-term, frequent, and institutional crypto users.

Cobo Vault is a could wallet to offer the user a fully secured wallet with encrypted private keys. The wallet supports many apps as DApps and the user can easily import the recovery seed phrase from other wallets.

Cobo Vault uses a bank-grade encrypted chip to store the private key. The hardware wallet doesn’t support WiFI or Bluetooth integration. The user can use a multi-signature method for secure transactions and a self-destruct mechanism to prevent side-channel attacks.

Cobo Vault Essential

Cobo Vault Essential model is made with fiberglass material and has dimensions of 112mm x 65mm x 18mm. The Cobo Vault Essential uses the “AAA” battery holder. It uses an LCD display screen with a 4-inch touchscreen to navigate the wallet. A button on the device it’s used to power and shut down the device easily.

Users can use the device to scan the QR code and process payments quickly. The multi-signature method is supported on the Essential model too, to allow the user to use many signatures for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The Cobo Vault Essential package includes the Cobo Vault Essential device, battery holder, warranty card, guide setup, and the recovery phrase card. Cobo Vault Essential costs $99.00 USD.

The Cobo Vault Essential model doesn’t offer the fingerprint scanner and is not waterproof. Also, the battery recharging is not included in the price but can be purchased from the official Cobo Vault website. The self-destruct mechanism is not available on this model and the Essential model weighs 115 grams in total.

Cobo Vault Pro

The Cobo Vault Pro model is made with Fiberglass and the dimensions of the device are 112mm x 65mm x 18mm. It supports the password unlock, Micro SD cards, and self-destruct mechanism. The pro model uses an LCD display screen with a 4-inch touchscreen and the device can be unlocked with a fingerprint sensor.

The device is not resistant to waterproof and supports the “AAA” battery model. The battery can be recharged with a Type-C cable and the body of the device is made with fiberglass material.

The Cobo Vault Essential package includes the Cobo Vault Essential device, battery holder, rechargeable battery, warranty card, guide setup, charging cable, and the recovery phrase card. Cobo Vault Pro weights 132 grams and costs $149 USD.

Cobo Vault Ultimate

Cobo Vault Ultimate models cost $479 USD and are more different than other models. The user can use QR code to scan and complete payments and protecting the funds from malicious attacks. The private keys are stores on a bank-grade secure element and generate a truly random number for the private keys.

The Ultimate model supports the self-destruct mechanism, but the fingerprint sensor cannot be used on this model. This Cobo Vault Review of the Ultimate model is waterproof and uses the aerospace aluminum body and for case protection.

A rechargeable battery is included on the model and with a Type-C cable-supported for recharging. The dimensions os this model are 111.86414.6mm and weighs 189.5 grams. It uses an LCD screen with a size of 1136*640 and costs $479 USD.

Cobo Tablet

Cobo Tablet is resistant to salt water, acids and is created from a 304-grade stainless card. The Cobo Tabler is easy to use and is used to store only the recovery phrase. It’s compatible with al BIP30 hardware and software wallets. The tabler is resistant to fires with temperatures of2500 to 2650°F (Fahrenheit) and 399 to 1455°C (grade celsius).

The box included the tablet, screws, screwdriver, two security seal stickers, 4 sheets of metal letters, and the quick guide. Cobo Tablet is waterproof and resistant to various types of corrosion. And can be bought with a price of $39.00 USD.

1. The setup guide of Cobo Tablet:Open the tablet by sliding it to the right side

2. Unscrew 3 corners on the tablet with the Screwdriver from the box

3. Combine the tiles on the table with your recovery phrase

4. Close the second layer cover and tighten screws.

5. Only the top 4 letters are needed

6. Close the tablet device (lock it up with the padlock)

Supported Assets

Cobo Vault supports 12 cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. All the listed cryptos below are supported on all models. Cobo Vault supports more than 200 tokens for all models.

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Tether (USDT), Bitcoin Cash(BCH), Litecoin (LTC), EOS (EOS), Binance Coin (BNB), ChainLink (LINK), TRON (TRX), USD Coin (USDC) and Dashcoin (DASH).

The full list of supported tokens on each model can be found below:

Cobo Wallet

Covo Vault users can connect the device with the Cobo wallet to manage the wallet funds, send and receive funds, and more. Cobo Wallet is available on iOS and Android devices and it’s free to use. The Cobo wallet uses multi-layered security for the user’s account. It uses a custom payment password required when the user needs to send payments.

Two-factor authentication protects the account with a code number generated by the Google Authenticator app. And notifies the user when a login request has been attempted or a transaction has been completed.

To increase the withdrawal limit on the Cobo Wallet, the user needs to verify the identity with the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) system. Cobo Wallet offers 5 levels of verification with each level limiting the withdrawal amount. The verification takes time usually 5-15 mins and in some cases up to 1-3 days.


Cobo Vault wallet is designed to keep the security on maximum levels by disabling Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB connection. Unlike other hardware wallets as Ledger or Trezor which offer Bluetooth and USB integration, Cobo Vault doesn’t offer these integrations as it protects the wallet from malicious attacks according to the Cobo Vault website.

The password for unlocking the wallet is secured with the lockout period to lower the chance of password from brute-force attacks. The password must contain at least 10 characters and a maximum of 30 characters. And the password characters require upper and lowercase letters and numbers and the user can include symbols too.

The self-destruct mechanism on the Cobo Vault detects if the device is being dissembled and then erases all information on the device including the private keys too. The user can recover the wallet funds by using the recovery phrase on a new hardware device.

Compared to other hardware wallets, Cobo Vault security is focused more on physical devices than the wallet system. The user can use the Cobo Vault tablet to store the recovery phrase on a tablet that is built to resistant different disabling methods. With the recovery phrase, the user can set up a 24-word recovery phrase to protect the funds. The recovery phrase can be used to recover the funds from the device on a new wallet.

The fingerprint sensor protects the device by unlocking the device with the fingerprint of the user. To ensure more safety for the wallet, Cobo Vault users can set up the passphrase option to increase the security of the wallet. With the passphrase feature, the user will have 2 required fields to complete to unlock the wallet and so it would offer more security protection for the wallet.

The user can receive notifications on the mobile with the Cobo Wallet to detect suspicious attacks. Each time someone tries to access the wallet, the mobile phone alerts the user. And this can help the user by taking security measures to increase the security by changing the password or moving the funds on a new account.

To enable notifications for logins, transactions, and more, the user needs to use the “Sentinel Wallet” application. And then the user can sync the Cobo Wallet with the Sentinel Wallet. The user can transfer crypt funds immediately and easily to the hidden wallets on the Cobo wallet synced with sentinel wallet. The user also needs to enable notifications on iOS or Android devices to receive notifications.

Expect the security features which make the Cobo Vault more secured than other hardware wallets, Cobo Vault device is resistant to water and vibrations. It can survive crashes and is one of the most durable hardware wallets physically.

Getting started with Cobo Vault

Each model of the Cobo Vault hardware wallet includes a setup guide on the package. It instructs the user how to set up the wallet and advises the user to protect the wallet with security tips. We will show how to set up the Cobo Vault below:

1. Unlock the Cobo Vault device, turn on the device with the button, and then choose your preferred language.

2. Authenticate the Cobo Vault device through a Web Authentication process to ensure that the device you’ve received in the mail is original from the Cobo Vault company. On a computer or mobile device, visit the link below to complete the authorization step.

3. Then, accept the Terms & Conditions and select the option “Create Vault” to create a new vault.

4. It will show the 24-word mnemonic phrase. Make sure you’re writing the recovery phrase on a safe place away from others who cannot see the recovery phrase when you’re writing it. The recovery phrase will enable you to recover the wallet if your Cobo Vault is ever lost, broken, or stolen. Anyone with the mnemonic phrase can access your private key and your cryptocurrencies. It’s recommended to store the recovery phrase on the Cobo Vault tablet as it’s more secure.

5. Next, re-enter the recovery phrase in the same order provided to you when setting up your wallet.

6. Next, you will be required to “Set Up Your Password.” The system password must contain at least 10 characters and a maximum of 30 characters. The password must contain upper and lowercase letters and numbers, while symbols are optional. Note that the password is case sensitive.

7. Re-enter your password to confirm. Input the pattern, and repeat the confirmation.

8. The system will take up to 15 seconds to complete the setup and you will now be asked to “Pair with your smartphone.”

9. A Dynamic QR Code will be shown on your Cobo Vault.

10. Download and install the Cobo Vault Mobile App from

11. Load the Cobo Vault app on your mobile device and use your mobile device to scan the Dynamic QR Code on your Cobo Vault. A notification on your mobile device will be given when completed.

12. Tap on the “Done” button, once you click it the setup is completed.


The Cobo Vault compared to other hardware wallets with cryptos supported, it offers less more coins. The device is easy to use with the touchscreen navigation system and uses a small screen. However, the device is not available to use on Dekstop and can be used only on mobile devices. The Cobo Tabler can be used to store the recovery phrase, which is durable and resident to different materials and fires.

Cobo Vault offers three models starting at an affordable price but with limited features. The second model is a mix between the expensive model and the affordable mode.

And the last model which has an expensive price and can be seen as a non-affordable price for some users offers maximum security for crypto. It’s resistant to water, fires, vibrations and offers all security features to ensure the largest security for the device.

Compared to Trezor and Ledger, Cobo Vault’s price it’s higher than others but the features on the Cobo Vault would offer the ultimate security and the complete wallet for crypto users. We hope you enjoyed our Cobo Vault Review 2020 and if you wanted to check out another wallet we would suggest our keepkey hardware wallet review.

Get started with Cobo Vault Here!

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