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This Crypto key stack review all started from a backup device founded by Chris and an NFL veteran Israel Idonije. The mission of the crypto key stack is to reduce the billions of dollars lost due to incorrect private key storage according to the company.

The reason why the project of Crypto Key Stack became a invention is because alot physical devices were destroyed in the past. And this was one of the main reasons why they started the project of the crypto key stack according to the founders.

With the crypto key stack, the user can store there 12-24 word recovery seed phrase on a hardware backup device. The device is designed to resist fires, floodings, rust, etc.

When it comes to physical strength material, the crypto key stack is one the strongest for that. During a test with a 20-ton hydraulic press, the crypto key stack device sustained the force of a 20 ton and the device passed the test without any damage.

The key stack device offers different models of the key stack that are combined with kits and the prices start from $44.99 to $134.99. The model kits and prices can be found below:

Crypto KeepKey: Key Stack – Builders Edition – Price $44.99

Crypto Builders Stack – Price $44.99

Crypto Key Stack Stealth – Price $44.99

Crypto Key Stack Stealth Explorer – Price $69.99

Crypto Key Stack Pioneer – Price $134.99

$44.99 Builder Kit Models

The builders Stack

The builder’s edition is the first kit model and perfect for crypto users with a tight budget. With the builder’s editions, the user can back up the 24-word recovery seed phrase. It’s compatible with the KeepKey hardware wallet and the user can back up the recovery cipher from the KeepKey hardware wallet.

The engraving process of each plate takes approximately 5 minutes or less. The first model builder’s edition has only 1 engraved plate. And it has 9 plate expansion slots remaining on the device. To use the device it requires two AA batteries type and this type of batteries is not included in the price.

The builder’s stack kit edition it has the same price as the previous model builders edition. But it has more advanced features and it allows the user to integrate the recovery seed phrase from more than 1 hardware wallet. With the builder’s stack model, the user can engrave the recovery seed phrase (mnemonic phrase) from popular hardware wallets like Ledger, Keep Key, or Trezor.

On the builder’s stack model, the private electric engraves are included with each stack purchase. Which makes it easy for the user to permanently backup the crypto keys. The device is also resistant to damages from fire, water, rust. With the black anodized stainless steel plates, the stack edition can resist fires with a temperate of up to 2200 Fahrenheit (1771 grade Celsius).

The device is waterproof, corrosion-resistant and the design makes the device keeps the color protected from rust. Builders stack model weighs 226 grams and the dimensions of the package are 5.87 x 4.21 x 2.13 inches.

The stack stealth kit model includes the same features as the other two models. It has 9 plate expansions slots and 1 engraving plate includes. Like other kit models, the stealth builder kit model doesn’t include the two AA batteries on the price model.

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$69.99 Explorer Kit Models

The other explorer kit models with a price of $69.99, include more options and features on the device. Each kit model contains three 24-word recovery seed plates. With these kit models, the user can store many recovery private seed phrases on the device. The recovery seed plates are made with stainless steel to ensure the extraordinary durability of the plates.

It takes 5 minutes or less than minutes to engrave the private keys to store your recovery seed phrase. The black recovery seed phrase (mnemonic) has 3 plates. And 7 plate expansions slots remain on the device. The engraver requires two AA batteries to work, and the batteries aren’t included in the kit model.

These three kit models offer backup from hardware wallets. The user can back up hardware wallets like Trezor, Ledger, Keep Key, and seed them from apps like Metamask, Jaxx, or Cipher.

$149.99 Pioneer Kit Models

Compared with previous kit models, the pioneer’s kit models have a higher cost. With the pioneers kit models, the user has to pay more, but it will offer many more features focused especially on security. In these models, the user can also use the multi-signature method. Also, the recovery seed phrase (mnemonic) is available with an encrypted two-factor authentication (2FA).

Pioneers kit model use a black anodized stainless steel material. The black adonized finish offers better visibility when the user engraves the characters from the kit models. Similar to explorer kit models, the pioneers kit models allow the user to back up the wallet. With the support of hardware wallets such as Ledger, Trezor, Keep Key, the user can seed the wallet with apps like Metamask, Jaxx, or Cipher.

To engrave each plane on kit models takes an average of 5 minutes or less. The pioneers kit models include 10 engraving plates but don’t have any engraving plates remaining on the device. Two AA batteries to engrave the private need to be added on the device and these batteries aren’t included on the $149.99 price.

Build Your Own Key Stack

If you need more plates supported on the device or the exterior plates, then the key stack allows you to customize the number of seed plates and exterior plates. The base price starts at $44.99 with 1 seed plate included on the package and the exterior contains the crypto key stack logo.

Changing the exterior plate by using another logo such as Keep Key logo or removing the entire logo it doesn’t cost anything. But if you want to add more seed plates on the device then a maximum amount of $134.99 with 10 plates is calculated.

Each seed plate on the key stack device is double-sided and can store up to 24 words. The customized key stack kit included stainless steel plates, nuts/bolts, electric engraver, and a set of tamper.

The engraver is easy to use, and the quality of the plates looks and feels strong. It comes with bolts and nuts to keep the metal plates “sealed”.

2 of 3 Multisig Kit

With the multi-sig kit, the user can store private keys securely in three different locations alongside the Key Stack Multisig Kit. The multi-sig kit model includes three single plate key stack. It contains a 24-word recovery seed phrase which is 100% stainless steel.

The back and the front of the multi-sig kit model is covered also with 100% stainless steel. Nut and bolt sets are included on the and a diamond tipper electric engraver is included on the multi-sig kit model too. The user can customize the cover plate design with the crypto key stack logo or just use a black design color on the device.

Stack Plate Add-ons

Crypto key stack allows the user to add more stack plates with different kit models of the add-ons. The user can choose to add more plates, customize the engraves, or use a blank plate. These add-ons offer customization of plates, by allowing the user to store an additional 24-word recovery seed phrase in the key stack device. The expansion with 3 plates costs cheaper if we compare the price based on the plates.

Or the user can choose a blank plate that adds the bank plate to the key stack device. The blank plate add-on is great for backup with two-factor authentication (2FA) codes and password manager keys. The engraver hardware combo includes a handheld electric diamond engraver. And it has an extra set of stainless steel hardware.

The four add-ons models available and prices are shown below:

1. Expansion Plate – Regular price $14.99

2. Expansion Plate 3-Pack – Regular price $34.99

3. Blank Plate – Regular price $14.99

4. Engraver & Hardware Combo – Regular price $9.99

Metal Bitcoin Seed Storage Stress Test

Another reason that makes the crypto key stack has to do with the material strength of the device. Jameson Lopp made a test with a 20-ton hydraulic press. The test involved a hydrochloric acid bath also. After the test, the crypto key stack device passed the test by not getting any damage inside the device. The crypto key stack device passed each test with A grades, according to the crypto key stack website.

Faraday Bag

The bag may not be related to the key stack device, but it’s related to your crypto wallet. As it stores the backup private key on the Crypto Stack device. With the faraday bag, all wireless and Bluetooth signals are blocked to keep your wallet secure. The bag is resistant to water which makes the water dry on your bag. By using the faraday bag from Crypto Key Stack you can block access to your crypto wallet. Some of the features on the Faraday bag include:

1. 400 Denier Waterproof Nylon

2. Full Faraday cage that blocks Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, RFID, NFC, Key Fob +

3. EMP, and Radiation Protection

4. Adjustable shoulder straps

5. RFID stash pocket

6. Front zippered pocket with RFID pocket and velcro loop

7. 2-way seal at sides or on top


Each of the product includes the following items:

1. Electric engraver

2. 5 black anodized stainless steel plates

3. Manual card to guide through the setup

4. 2 sealing stickers

5. Bag for the engraver

6. Screws to lock up the plates

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program of Crypto Key Stack allows the user to earn a 10% commission from referrals. Similar to the Cryptosteel system, Crypto Key Stack tracks the user cookies within 30 days. And by doing this, the referred user when registers on the clicked link, it will register as a referral. The payment is made through PayPal and the user can request payout after 30 days.


A private electric engraver is included with each stake purchase to write the recovery seed phrase words. It offers protection from fires with 2200 Fahrenheit or 1771 grade Celcius. The device also offers protection from flooding and water damages. It’s also rust-resistant which makes it last for many years by keeping the design colors fresh.

The device considering the price offers a unique and proven material that makes your recovery seed phrase hard to compromise. Other kit models offer more features such as multi-sig methods but cost more.

If you’re still not sure if the Crypto Key Stack device is worth buying, you can take advantage of the bag. The Faraday bag may not be useful for the Crypto Key Stack device, but if you have a crypto hardware wallet it can be very useful. As it blocks the wireless or Bluetooth signals, to prevent unknown access in your wallet.

The engraving process is very easy and a beginner can use the manual guide to assist him with any issues. The process of completing the recovery seed words on the device usually takes 20-25 minutes.

All the models need an extra cost of batteries. The Crypto Key Stack devices require two AA batteries and these batteries aren’t included in the price with the models. So this may add an extra cost to the user and question if the Crypto Key Stack device can be worth or not.

The Crypto Key Stack is waterproof, fireproof, dustproof, emp proof, and can hold up a combination of 8 private keys or recovery seed ( mnemonic) phrases per device.

In general, considering the successful test and the material resistant to waters, fires, rust damages, we can justify the device by trying the cheapest model first. We also hope you enjoyed this Crypto Key Stack Review and if you looking at more metal wallets to protect your cryptocurrency, you should check out our Cryptosteel Review in 2020.

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Image via Crypto Key Stack, Writer Behar H.

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