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will talk about how Cryptosteel is a backup tool used to store the private keys on an advanced capsule. Crypytosteel products first started to begin in 2013 with the idea of Wojtek Stopinski a crypto enthusiast in Poland. Stopinski described the Cryptosteel as the “ultimate cold storage wallet”.

After 2 years on a kickstart campaign, the Cryptosteel finally was launched. The cryptosteel device is manufactured in the United Kingdom, but the steel material is produced in Germany.

The capsule is designed to offer the largest protection and to survive any extreme conditions. The device has many features that make it much more different than other crypto devices.

The cryptosteel hardware wallet it’s fireproof, waterproof, and stainless. Most of the reviews state that Cryptosteel is one the safest way to backup your crypto private key. In this article we will go through details, features, design, and what makes cryptosteel different than other hardware devices.

The recovery seed phrase on the Crpytosteel tool supports the BIP39 standard methods, which is one the most known. With the BIP39 recovery phrase the user only needs to access the first letters of each word. With these four letters, the user can recover the full sentence of the recovery and can unlock the entire wallet.

Cryptosteel considers the backup tool as the mother of backup and a safe deposit box for your crypto funds. The codes and passwords are assembled manually from a randomized set of supplied tiles. Once the cryptosteel tool is locked, it goes on and offline continuity. And in a case where your house gets burned, the device can resistant to fires with 1400 grade celsius.

Cryptosteel offers different products and models of the backup. Each model has its own kit of over 800 stainless tiles with ASCll characters engraved. Free shipping applies to all orders over €150.

Cryptosteel Capsule Solo – €89.00
Cryptosteel Capsule Duo – €144.00
Cryptosteel Cassette – €108.00
Cryptosteel Cassette 2-Pack Bundle – € 146.00
Cassette Letter Sets € 35.00
Cryptosteel Capsule Quintet – € 371 € 274
Cryptosteel Capsule Trio € 223 € 166

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Cryptosteel Capsule Solo

Cryptosteel Capsule

Cryptosteel offers two models of backup devices. The first model capsule solo it weighs 515 grams with dimensions of 255 x 185 x 25 millimeters. The model supports all the printable ASCII characters. The device is compatible with Shamir Backup SLIP30, BIP32 root keys, and WIF private keys. All the characters on the device are stamped into the tiles to ensure the most protection of the keys.

The device can also store random passwords without separators. The font on characters has a style that’s easy to read for the user. By using the standardized tiles, the user can change, redo, or undo the data on the device. The capsule solo is designed to sustain fire damage up to 1400C/2500F.

Cryptosteel capsule solo, it’s made with a material of 303 and 304 grades of steel from Germany. With high-quality material, the device is resistant to acids too. There are no other third parties involved on the device, which makes it less more vulnerable to security threats. Cryptosteel capsule solo model costs €89.00 and contains the cryptosteel capsule and a tileset of 800 tiles.

Cryptosteel Capsule Duo

Compared to the other model, the Cryptosteel capsule duo, it uses two capsules and weight 730 grams. The duo model costs €120.00 and contains two cryptosteel capsules and a tileset with 1400 tiles. The capsule is lighter and smaller than the cassette, but is more durable and offers a capacity of 123 instead of 96 characters.

The capsule is resistant to bullets too, for example a 9 millimeters bullet can’t breach the capsule. Each letter tiles stays separate during transport. The letters are transparent, reusable, and made from recycled materials. The cryptosteel capsule core is sealed with tiles.

Capsule duo model, it supports also the “Shamir backup” method. The user can also undo, redo, or change the data by using standardized tiles. The material used for the capsule duo model, contains steel made in Germany.

Cryptosteel Cassette

Cryptosteel Cassette is one of the most sold products according to the cryptosteel website. The cassette contains one double-sided stainless steel that can hold 24 digit mnemonics in total. It supports over 245 uppercase letters tiles and it’s optimized randomize characters for the highest security.

The cassette weights 230 grams or 0.5 pounds and it’s compatible with Trezor hardware wallets. Once the user has locked the cassete, it goes on an offline mode. The cassete is resistant to physical damages such as fires, flooding, electric shocks, corrosive conditions.

The 12-24 word recovery seed phrase on the cassete is based on Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 39 (BIP39). With BIP39, the recovery seed phrase serves as a backup in case the user losses the wallet or the wallet becomes unusable. Cryptosteel cassete comes with a price of €129.00

How to use the cryptosteel cassete:

1. First, open the cassette
Fan out the linked front and back panels.

2. Unlock the unit
Turn the screw counterclockwise to a horizontal position.

3. Release the lever
Use a tile or small tool to press on the lever inside the long slot.

4. Open the frame
Keep the lever pressed as you open the frame.

5. Enter your characters
Insert the sensitive information, making sure all the rows are fully loaded. If you are storing the recovery seed phrase on the cassete, use only the first four characters. If a word has only three characters, use a blank tile from the words to fill the space. Set the character tiles on a flat surface before inserting them into the slots. Use both panels.

6. Close the cassette
Shut the frame and twist the screw clockwise into a vertical position.

If you have any issues learning on how to set up the cassete, then watch the video below so you can clear your issues with cassete.

Letter Sets

Cassete letter set is available to buy directly from the cryptosteel website. By buying the letter sets, you have all the needed characters to back up your BIP0039 recovery seed phrase. Letter sets don’t need any third party to be involved, and the set includes over 245 uppercase letter tiles.

Cassete letter set weights 115 grams, with dimensions of 160 x 120 x 5 millimeters. It costs 35 and the cryptosteel website ships it in 1 business day.

Stainless Protection

Cryptosteel uses a top-grade German stainless steel. With 304 grade stainless, the device has the ideal combination of strength and heat. The device is resistant to water such as saltwater, and corrosion. 304-grade stainless steel helps the device to manufacture bolts, screws, and cogs to ensure maximum resistance from damages. Cryptosteel devices use also a 303-grade stainless steel, which is not magnetic steel.

Resistant to Fires

Cryptosteel is resistant to fires with 1400 grade celsius or 2500 Fahrenheit. A class 350-4 hour strongbox can keep documents intact in four hours minimums with temperates of up to 1093.3-grade celsius / 2000 Fahrenheit outside the vault. The fire can operate in more temperatures in the capsule, but it doesn’t put your data on the capsule at risk.


Cryptosteel device it’s built to resist shockproof such as electric or mechanical. Some of the materials on the device are as tight as lightning strikes, nuclear events, etc. The steel material produced in Germany, it offers high-quality material resistant to many shock dangers.


The device is resistant to water such as saltwater or acids. Cryptosteel device has a deep thread hermetically which seals the capsule by keeping the device resistant to waters or acids. With materials of 304 and 303 grades of stainless steel, it offers a combination of durability and strength.

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Types of private keys supported

Cryptosteel device tool can store all the private data, regardless of the private key format. Some of the supported types of private keys are listed below:

1. BIP39 (unabbreviated 12-word recovery seeds),

2. BIP39 (4-letter abbreviations of 24-word recovery seeds)

3. Shamir Backup SLIP0039 (4-letter abbreviations of 20-word recovery seeds)

4. BIP32 root keys

5. WIF private keys

6. Monero mnemonic seeds (25-word recovery seeds)

7. Random ASCII passwords

8. PINs

9. Insurance account numbers

10. Master passwords to your password manager (e.g. LastPass, KeePass, 1Password)

11. Bank account info and passwords

12. GPS coordinates

13. Poems and haiku

14. Rainbow Codes

15. Elliptic curve coordinates

How to recover data from a Cryptosteel device?

Crptosteel device supports some of the most popular hardware wallets. The supported crypto hardware wallets with recovery method are listed below:

TREZOR Hardware Wallet Recovery Instructions

Ledger Hardware Wallet Recovery Instructions

Exodus Wallet Recovery Instructions


1. Not expensive considering the value

2. Durable to many physical damages

3. Hardware Wallets Integration

4. Many types of private supported


Inserting the letters can be difficult

1. Tiles could fall out from the cryptosteel

2. Earn money with affiliate program

Like most of the crypto products, Cryptosteel offers affiliate programs too. The affiliate program is available for all users and each user can earn a 10% commission from the sale. Cryptosteel offers 30-day tracking cookies, which helps affiliate users to get the referral on his name.

With 30 days tracking cookie, the system on the cryptosteel website automatically tracks the referred client and when he signs up, the user will be credited as your referral. The user can access a detailed dashboard, giving details of the referred clients, earnings, clicks, etc. All the payments are processed through PayPal.


Cryptosteel device tool may cost an additional extra cost if you have a hardware wallet. Cryptosteel users who are not satisfied with the products, can return it and get the money back. The refund takes some days and it needs to be processed through the support desk.

If the cryptosteel products get damaged, the cryptosteel company says it offers repairs at a free cost. The user can request a customized Cryptosteel device but it can cost at a different price than the current price and it may take more time to produce it.

By using the cryptosteel backup tool, your recovery seed phrase is secured on the highest level of security.

With duration to physical damages such as fires, waters, shocks, it gives you a feeling that your recovery seed phrase cannot be compromised. Cryptosteel uses stainless material from Germany, which makes the Cryptosteel device even more unique.

The price may be reasonable if you buy the Cryptosteel Solo model as it comes with the cheapest price. However, other models and combination kits may not be worth buying them. Overall we hope you enjoyed this Cryptosteel Review and we would suggest reading our Crypto Key Stack Review.

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